Lab 2: DH Exploration

For the exploration of the digital humanities project I looked at the Baltimore Traces project, this project looks at neighborhood changes in different historic Baltimore neighborhoods, and the project looks at how people interact with these changes. One of the initial pieces of data I looked at was an interview with a juror in the trial of the Catonsville 9, this was not a case I was familiar with but with some research, one can find that it was a case regarding the trial of 9 catholic protestors burning draft information. There is a series of interviews and a blog about this event and how people interact with this piece of history.

Since the data is predominantly interview based, I understand that it might be a little more involved than just quantitative data about the movement of people (even if I would have found that very interesting).  There is a lot of data here but the map looks very sparse, however, the concession would be that I am not familiar with Baltimore. The real meat is found looking at the list of data that it presents in the project drop-down tab. Lots of interviews/blogs that are relevant to the various neighborhoods. If I was the director of this assignment then I would have a clear and concise mission statement on the about drop-down. Other than there is a wealth of interpersonal knowledge to be found here.

Lab 1

*I am proud of one blue-circle drawing that was timed for five minutes. Because it is where I started catching on—following directions, and creating “art.”

*The most important thing (other than the trip itself) is safety. My entries would take into account Shell gasoline stops being predetermined: during daylight, with Subways or McDonalds, and only in suburbs.

My Data Diaries project will use #6, #10, and the #18 exercises.

My Introduction

Hey guys my name is Andy, I am a senior here at UA majoring in Religious Studies with a minor in Jewish Studies. I took this class because I wanted to be able to in a way get lost in research and build a really cool project in a way that I haven’t before. I’m looking forward to this semester with y’all, it should be a pretty good time.

The following gif is how I feel every time someone reminds me that I’m graduating this spring.


Call me Rick or Rickey. I dream to make me happy. But I do more than dream; it makes me happier (and better) striking things off my list. I’ve done it! Again, I’ve done it! What’s next? Really, most of what I do I’ve desired from the long-ago days of me. “Rickey knows he loves baseball,” the saying identified me.  I’d say, “I’m going to be the greatest baseball pitcher ever on the mound.”  But I read BLACK BOY in the ninth grade. It vanquished those dreams. Throw the baseball away for all I care. One day I shall achieve best-seller fame. I am at UA because I am interested in the creation-evolution debate–which isn’t the full picture. I wanted to major in Philosophy and minor in Astronomy. I am a little afraid of the course: Digital Humanities in Religious Studies. Can I catch on? I hate, or did, forgoing my minor in Astronomy. Deep down I am glad. I will be able to learn a great deal about the subject on my own. Philosophy as a major and Religion as a minor suits me. I try to be positive in the present-day USA political climate. Or? Forget it!


Hi y’all. My name is Cole Radigan and I am a senior at UA studying creative media with a minor in religious studies. I was interested in taking this course because I have never taken anything like it, and I want to diversify my knowledge in different aspects of digital media. All in all, I’m just here for a good time.


my introduction

This is Daniel. My major is management information systems and I’m transfer junior. I’m interested in digital humanities in religious studies to take a religious class I would like.

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One of the guys told about his other religious classes and his movie class in his introduction.  The man was telling about his kids in his introduction.