Final Post

This class has taught me a tremendous amount of useful information about data. When I initially signed up for the class, I assumed it was a lecture class on different religions around the world. I was unaware of what digital humanities even was so I took a shot in the dark and took this class. Overall, I am glad I took this class because it has taught me valuable knowledge on working with data, which in this day and age is more critical to know now than ever before. I have come to understand digital humanities as the look into how humanities around the world are intersecting with ever changing technology. Technology is critical in any facet of structured education, it used for the most basic of task such as turning in homework, to finding scholarly articles on religious texts. Its easy to tell how religious study can fit into digital humanities. Digital humanities has to do with the discipline of humanities and religion is core part of humanities studies. Through Digital humanities, we are able to extract data from specific texts and see how often a word or phrase is used.

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