Call me Rick or Rickey. I dream to make me happy. But I do more than dream; it makes me happier (and better) striking things off my list. I’ve done it! Again, I’ve done it! What’s next? Really, most of what I do I’ve desired from the long-ago days of me. “Rickey knows he loves baseball,” the saying identified me.  I’d say, “I’m going to be the greatest baseball pitcher ever on the mound.”  But I read BLACK BOY in the ninth grade. It vanquished those dreams. Throw the baseball away for all I care. One day I shall achieve best-seller fame. I am at UA because I am interested in the creation-evolution debate–which isn’t the full picture. I wanted to major in Philosophy and minor in Astronomy. I am a little afraid of the course: Digital Humanities in Religious Studies. Can I catch on? I hate, or did, forgoing my minor in Astronomy. Deep down I am glad. I will be able to learn a great deal about the subject on my own. Philosophy as a major and Religion as a minor suits me. I try to be positive in the present-day USA political climate. Or? Forget it!

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