Lab 10

I have all data and information for my essay about my Scots Irish ancestors. One of my research questions is who are Scots Irish. Scots Irish are Scottish who moved to Ireland by potato famine and left for America in 1717. One of the visualizations I will use in my Scots Irish essay is map about where Scots Irish lived in United States. I would use maps and pictures on Scalar that I have on Omeka.


map of where Scots Irish lived in America.png

Lab 7

Questions I would be asking for digital essay in final are where did Scots Irish emigrants originally settle in America, what regions of United States today have Scots Irish roots, what were routes Scots Irish traveled as they settled in America, and what Scots Irish mean. I would use map for my data to show where my Scots Irish ancestors lived when they left for America. Data collection is going good. Not all Scottish lived in Scotland.

lab 6

My visualization is map of US counties for everyone to see what counties are in United States. I picked US counties map on Flourish then clicked publish and export to go on Microsoft Word and copy and paste https link to WordPress. I chose US counties map for everyone to see all counties in US. If anyone did not know how many counties and are in a state they see them on that map. US counties map tells readers what all counties are in United States. It helps readers to know what counties are in every state.

lab 5

Mukurtus metadata are media assets, communities and protocols, item sharing settings, category, creator, contributor, original date, original date description, cultural narrative, traditional knowledge, description, keywords, publisher, rights, traditional knowledge labels, licensing options, format, type, language, identifier, source, subject, people, transcription, geocode address, latitude, longitude, location description, and external links. Mukurtu empowers communities to manage, share, narrate, and exchange digital heritage relevant to culture and ethically minded ways. Omeka uses Dublin Core metadata. Not all metadata in Mukurtu are in Omeka. Omeka had less metadata and do not have specific information on it.

Lab 4

I would use digital pictures for data and do digital essay about how Scots Irish emigrated to America. I had Scottish ancestors and Irish ancestors. Scottish left to Ireland. I have many pictures of my ancestors. Digital pictures are of my ancestors and how they were emigrating to United States. I will get information of my ancestors by my dad. Data is in his research he did.

Lab 3

Three exercises I chose are my travels, my time alone, and what I eat. I have had many fun vacations. My favorite trips were going in Ireland and London with my dad and sister and going to Disney World and Universal Studios and going to zoo and beaches with my old youth pastor in San Diego. Parks at Disney World I liked most are magic kingdom and Epcot. I’m not alone a lot and when I be alone I read books watch tv and play video games. I read sports books sci fi books Christian books and joke books. My favorite type of foods are Italian foods and Mexican foods. I be with others more than being by myself. It was unexpected to go to London in England and Ireland in 2 other countries I was interested to go to. Subways were used more than cars. British had more pubs than United States. Irish and British loved Americans. I did not expect British hotel rooms are smaller than American hotel rooms.

Connections In Sound project

Connections in sound by Patrick Egan is what project I will do my 2nd lab on. This project investigates patterns of collecting and accessing traditional Irish music in North America. The project reviewed Irish music in 1850 to 2000. Irish music is popular in North America. Traditional Irish music had influenced country music in Nashville, Tennessee. Irish took their traditional music with them to America. Collections of Irish music are at Library of Congress in American Folklife Center. Library of Congress has 2500 recordings of Irish music. Old recordings were online. Irish singers played different instruments. Irish music is almost like Scottish music. One of instruments Irish singers play is flute. Archivists, librarians, and digital specialists worked on Irish music at Library of Congress.

lab 1

I chose drawing of excited circle in exercise showing emotion through drawing simple shapes because circle is one of easier shapes to draw and I am left handed. Circles are round and are similar to draw if you are left or right handed.

My schema is how many cities were stopped at in states, how many gas stations were stopped at, and what were the total gas prices. Other schema are what start dates and end dates are by time zones and how many hours you are on road.

Three exercises I will use for data diaries project are my travels, what I eat, and my time alone.

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my introduction

This is Daniel. My major is management information systems and I’m transfer junior. I’m interested in digital humanities in religious studies to take a religious class I would like.

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One of the guys told about his other religious classes and his movie class in his introduction.  The man was telling about his kids in his introduction.