Lab 7

Questions I would be asking for digital essay in final are where did Scots Irish emigrants originally settle in America, what regions of United States today have Scots Irish roots, what were routes Scots Irish traveled as they settled in America, and what Scots Irish mean. I would use map for my data to show where my Scots Irish ancestors lived when they left for America. Data collection is going good. Not all Scottish lived in Scotland.

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  1. You are asking really good questions! I think if you are going to map where Scottish people came from, you have most of the questions you need to do well on the project. I think looking at history books/ records about the Scottish immigration, maybe even letters from Scottish people, would be really cool to add! Well done.

  2. I like your topic because I recently visited Scotland and loved the people, the countryside, and the culture. Our projects seem very similar in theory where I am looking at religious formation and distribution and you are concentrating on Scots Irish settlers in the United States. Good luck with your research.

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