Lab 7

My Data and Datasheets project started off a little slowly because I had a difficult time narrowing down my topic. I finally decided to research the landscape (distribution) of religions in the United States. I specifically wanted to look at the historical formation and distribution of religions as well as the current distributions and future projections. It has been very interesting combining the numeric data and seeing the many ways you can break it down into visual data. I also am enjoying researching how religions such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam have come about, and I am including those who classify themselves as non-religious. My only concern is condensing the information to present in the essay. I have also struggled with using the visualization programs from the previous lab. Omeka was challenging initially, but I am working through the fields and making changes as I learn more.

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  1. I would like to go to Scotland and I have not been there. I have been to London and Ireland. There are a lot of differences in Judaism Christianity and Islam and you will like knowing history of their religions.

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