Lab 3

Three exercises I chose are my travels, my time alone, and what I eat. I have had many fun vacations. My favorite trips were going in Ireland and London with my dad and sister and going to Disney World and Universal Studios and going to zoo and beaches with my old youth pastor in San Diego. Parks at Disney World I liked most are magic kingdom and Epcot. I’m not alone a lot and when I be alone I read books watch tv and play video games. I read sports books sci fi books Christian books and joke books. My favorite type of foods are Italian foods and Mexican foods. I be with others more than being by myself. It was unexpected to go to London in England and Ireland in 2 other countries I was interested to go to. Subways were used more than cars. British had more pubs than United States. Irish and British loved Americans. I did not expect British hotel rooms are smaller than American hotel rooms.

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