Lab 3

The three exercises I chose to do were #06 My books, #17 my inbox, and #22 What I eat. I have completed the data gathering for all three exercises. What was unexpected as I tracked this data was how many books I have that are not very well organized. I try and organize my bookshelves by author and series or for example, all of my textbooks are on one shelf. This exercise showed me that I have sometimes the entire series all in a row, from first book to last book, but as I was doing it, I realized that for other series I would have book 2 and book 3 were right next to each other but book 1 was on a different bookshelf. One of the other unexpected things I realized was for some digital books that I had not read in a long time, I had to go and check what the completion percentage was because I could not remember if I had finished them or not. 

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