Lab 6

The graph I made is looking at the author’s affiliations, universities or organizations, and the dates of the publications (2015-2019). First, I copied the publication dates from the author spreadsheet into a google spreadsheet then I did the same with the affiliations. Using the two columns, I made a pivot table where the publication dates were in the row section and affiliations in the columns. Using the value option, I selected the calculated field using the affiliations information. For this project I chose a column chart (stacked) from Flourish because it looks at the number of articles published on a specific date and allows for looking at different things within that information. The graph’s x-axis is the publication dates and the y-axis is the number of authors published on that date subdivided by the number of authors from each university or organization. I initially tried to use the data from 2010-2021 but it was so large Flourish would not display it properly so I reduced it down to the first five years in the document.

I think the information my graph communicates to the viewers is the number of authors who published articles and the affiliations of the authors. It looks like most of the authors are affiliated with colleges or universities, but there are some who are from organizations, like the American Academy of Religion, and independent scholars.

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  1. This graph is really cool! the key makes it look overwhelming because there is so much data, but the way it is displayed and being able to hover over a particular segment and tell you the University is really helpful.

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