My data includes a large list of films (still a work in progress) that include dialogue mentioning the name “Jesus”. This can be in any form or sentence like “Jesus Christ, he’s gotta gun!”. I’ve got a list of about 200 films so far that I’ve organized by genre, year released, the exact time that the line of dialog was delivered, with a small video clip (1-3 seconds) for each line from each movie. I am hoping to have over at least 500 entries for my project. I found it challenging to choose a graph type on flourish. There are not too many options that include media, so I had to take my data in a different direction. I do not think the graph that I chose is the best way to display my data. This graph does not have enough space, and a bunch of the circles cover each other making it hard to see all of the films. I had to make my data more focused by distinguishing the quotes between “Jesus” and “Jesus Christ”. I still am unsure of the best platform for my data, but flourish definitely helped me learn what won’t work.


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