Lab 2

The DH project I looked at was The Connections in Sound Project by Patrick Egan. The project aimed to create connections within the thirty-seven collections of Irish Traditional Music in the American Folklore Center in the Library of Congress and the role of the internet and archives. Egan also examined the type of music, how it was collected, and how it can be accessed within the collections.

The website for the project only has two pages. The first page contains two quotes from John Miles Foley’s (2012) book Oral traditions and the Internet. Clicking on the link contained within the author’s name opens to the University of Illinois press’ page for the book. The first page also contains a brief introduction to the project. The first chart on the page shows a color-coded list of the types of music contained within nine of the collections. The second visualization creates connections between the type of music, ten collections, how the physical recordings were initially done, and how they can be accessed.  The second page looks at mapping where and when each of the collections came from.

The visualization of the first chart can be filtered for the type of music. The second visualization is a little bit harder to make sense of because all the connections overlap and interweave so it is difficult to figure out what connects where. This problem was solved by making each of the parts movable which makes it easier to see the connections. The introduction to the third visualization on the second page says it uses US census data from 1900 to 1980 and the location of the collections on a map of the United States. I cannot see the map or the census data, so it looks like a bunch of somewhat randomly placed dots that each correspond to part of a larger collection. However, clicking on the dots is cool because it opens a google document that contains their data from the collections for the project. One of the things I was expecting with this project was accessible audio files for the music like the religious sounds project we looked at in class.

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