The digital humanities project that I chose to look at was the My Nola, My story project. This project uses a variety of digital materials to help preserve New Orleans’s culture and history. The project is a  collection of different video stories of New Orleans natives. The topics in the stories range from art, fashion, education, housing, etc. The material spans a wide range of topics surrounding New Orleans culture in order to make a functioning collection of narratives. The videos also range from 4-18 minutes so it’s very easy to surf around and see a plethora of different videos relating to New Orleans Culture.


I really enjoyed this project. I can see the purpose of it is obviously to preserve the culture and also create a universal/accessible website where people can view different narratives.  Being able to hover over the icons and directly pop into a video that you can also easily leave was a feature that I liked about this project.  I also think it was beneficial for them to include a variety of different topics such as policies, housing, and the art world. I believe these topics allow different people to see all of the different moving parts of New Orleans culture.

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