Lab 5 – Finding Data

Today we are learning from Kevin Walker from the UA Libraries about strategies for finding and working different types of data.


For your final project, you will explore some aspect of religious culture in the US between 1980 and 2010 using the Longitudinal Religious Congregations and Membership File (state or county) and at least one other data source of your choice. It could be textual data, social media data, statistical or survey data, geospatial data …, whatever you think will help you better understanding and present your research.

For your lab, create a blog post that discusses project ideas and possible data sources. First, write up a 1-2 sentence idea for your research topic. Then explore the resources that we have covered today in class and come up with a short-list of 2-4 data sources that you think might be useful for your final project. For each source provide:

  • the name of the data source (such as the Religious Landscape Study from the Pew Research Center, Twitter, or the Adventist Digital Library)
  • a link to some example data (datafile, book or other textual resource, hashtag search results)
  • a sentence or two describing what questions you think you might be able to explore with that data.
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