Lab 3 – Accessibility

For our lab, we will be learning from Melissa Green, UA’s Technology Accessibility Specialist with CIT/OIT, about different ways people with disabilities access digital content.


Your homework is to evaluate the digital humanities site you have selected to review for accessibility. You do not need to do the whole site – chose a select page or two that includes core features of the site.

Your accessibility review should evaluate how well the site meets some of the basic web accessibility standards. Read the Introduction to Web Accessibility from WebAIM to learn about the core elements of accessible web documents. Use the WAVE Accessibility Tool or Accessibility Insights* to generate a report on how well your digital humanities site meets basic web accessibility standards. Both tools have video introductions that you should watch to learn how to use them: WAVE introduction video; Accessibility Insights introduction video.

*For Accessibility Insights, FastPass mode is sufficient for our purposes, but you are welcome to explore the full assessment.

Additionally, your accessibility review should evaluate the site in relation to inclusive design principles. Who is the assumed user? Who is excluded from the site? What types of changes might produce a more inclusive design?

Your review should be 500-1000 words and posted to your blog. Include the report generated by the accessibility audit tool (screen shots will work for our purposes).

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