Lab 5

Mukurtu has a ton of additional metadata that Omeka does not. For example Mukurtu includes metadata fields like: Media Assets, Cultural Narrative, Traditional Knowledge, and Communities and Protocols. This appears to me as though Mukurtu is a much more specialized system than Omeka, or rather that it was designed specifically for this purpose.

It seems to me that Omeka is supposed to be a relatively barebones system designed for projects focused on large scale projects where the details of community aren’t as strongly expressed. The Omeka model for gathering data appears also to be focused mainly on the collection of various texts rather than media as a whole as is demonstrated in the Mukurtu model. Moreover, Mukurtu demonstrates a bias towards a specific community and as such their metadata is set up to expose the intricacies of that community.


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  1. Hey man, great work. You used a good analogy referring to Omeka as a barebones website, especially compared to Mukurtu. Interesting take on Mukurtu, it was really insightful. I enjoyed it.

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