Caity Bell is an MA student in the Department of Religious Studies. Her research interests lie in museum studies and the ways in which multiple narratives of history become singular in these exhibits.

Savannah Finver is an MA student with an interest in the politics of identification as it relates to new and marginal emergent groups in America. She is a TA for Russell McCutcheon’s “Introduction to the Study of Religion” course.

Sarah Griswold is an M.A. student studying the memorialization of India’s 1857 Mutiny in Kanpur (Cawnpore). She is a Graduate Council Fellow.

Emma Gibson is an M.A. student studying philosophy of religion with an interest in phenomenology. She is currently studying thinkers such as Jacques Derrida, Simone de Beauvoir, and Jean-Paul Sartre. She is also a Graduate Teaching Assistant for Religions of the World.

Sierra Lawson is an M.A. student with interests in the politics of identity formation for Mexican-American migrants in the Southeastern United States. She is a Graduate Teaching Assistant for Introduction to Religious Studies.

Matthew McCullough is a student in the Religion in Culture MA program. After completing his undergrad in Religious Studies at UA, he remained in the department to pursue studies of religion in United States politics in the new graduate program.

Steven Ramey is a Professor in the department who specializes in contemporary religions of India, focusing on issues of identity. His most recent publication is Fabricating Difference (Equinox 2017), an edited volume that analyzes contemporary discourse surrounding Islam and relates that analysis to other contexts where difference is constructed. In addition to courses focusing on contemporary identifications and interpretations of narratives in Asia, he also teaches the Social Theory Foundations course.

Ana Schuber is an M.A. student studying the identity and impact of the Nones as a cultural group in the United States.  She is a Women’s Studies instructor with UA Gender & Race and is recently retired from New College LifeTrack.