Lab 4 – Plan a DH Project

In anticipation of the final project for this class, it is time to start thinking through the questions, modes of analysis, and data that you will work with to create your digital essay.

For the lab this week, write a blog post that addresses the following three questions.

  1. Given what we have gone over in class to this point, what types of analysis might you be interested in working with? For example, do you want to curate a collection of digital images? Create a map? Model a network? Analyze text? Visualize data?
  2. What topics or subject matter are you interested in working with? You should choose something you have worked with before (no need to learn new things on all fronts)
  3. What sort of data do you need to do the analysis you are interested in? What are some initial ideas on where to find that data?

Additionally, comment on at least one of your classmates Lab 4 posts.