Final Project – Digital Essay in Scalar

Your final project for this course will be a digital, multi-modal essay created on the Scalar platform ( Your essay should make a claim or tell a story and can be based on research that you have done for other classes, or can be a new project.

As a digital project, your essay should have a clear data layer and multiple methods of analysis. You should use at least some of the data you created for the Data project, though you are welcome to supplement with additional data as needed. For the analysis, you should have some aspect of data curation, some aspect of visualizing patterns in data, and some aspect of close reading or annotation.

While many of the presentation decisions will be managed by Scalar, you should be intentional in how you organize your text and media elements so that they work together to tell a story or make your point.

Your essay should be approximately 1000 words in length and can be done in a single Scalar page or across multiple pages.

Project Deliverables

  • A essay in Scalar that is approximately 1000 words in length.
  • The essay should include the following components:
    1. At least four data visuals using Flourish, Scalar, or Voyant-Tools.
      • At least two visualizations should show patterns in data (bar graphs, line graphs, choropleth maps, etc.). These visualizations should be created by you from a dataset using the Flourish platform.
      • You can use a locator map or image gallery in Flourish as one of your visuals.
      • You can create a gallery, map, or timeline in Scalar as one of the visuals.
    2. At least one image or video file.
    3. An appendix with a brief description of your data (what you chose and why) and methods of analysis, and a link to the Data Sheet from your data project (about 250 words separate from your main essay).

Due December 8th (Thursday) by Midnight.