Fall 2019 Assignments

Here are your assignments

Participation (30%)

You are required to attend all our class sessions. You are also required to the preparation prior to the day of that session.

Blog posts (30%)

You will be asked to compose three draft blog posts on specific dates during our course. Please have your post composed and saved as a draft (i.e. not “published”) prior to the day of its discussion in class.

Podcast assignment (20%)

Working with a partner or more, you will collaborate to produce a 3-7 minute audio segment on topics approved by our class. Ultimately, we will use everyone’s segments to compose a larger podcast file.

A final REL502 blog post (20%)

You will use the tools and resources discussed in our course to compose a final blog post that is directly related to your own research interests. Along the way, you will are also expected to keep a record of your work, such as a project schedule, work record, and progress notes.