Lab 9

For this lab, I choose to visualize the screenplay “The Last Temptation of Christ”. This is a film from 1988, written by Paul Schrader. The visualization is showing the which words are the most used in the screenplay. The largest word signifies the most used, while the smallest word is the least used word.  “Jesus” was the most used word with 725 uses. From what I could tell, “turns” is the least used and smallest with 31 uses. Since this is a screenplay, and I didn’t filter out any words, words like “cut”, “ext”,”int” are used frequently as sluglines, but don’t contribute to the story itself, but rather as directions for the filmmakers. Jesus makes sense as the most used word, seeing how Jesus is the main character, meaning his name is spoken a lot in dialogue and used as character headings.



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  1. The Last Temptation of Christ would be good Christian movie about Jesus and is old movie. I have not seen it and would like it. Cirrus shows what any words are most used in that visualization. He was tempted by Satan before his death and resurrection.

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