Lab 4

Given what we have discussed in class so far, I am interested in looking at different ways to organize folklore for a particular culture or religious group.  Since this is such a broad area of study, I think it would be most fruitful (and least overwhelming) to focus on a specific group to maximize the amount of relevant material sourced.  I would like it to be a multimedia analysis that could include visuals, audio, and images …sort of like the DH project we looked at with the sounds and images.  Due to my interests and comfortability with topics I will most likely look at Celtic folklore and try and organize it in a way that the plethora of material is more easily accessible. The data required for this project would be pretty much any and everything that I can find.  I think that the more included in this project the more beneficial it will be to whoever is using it.  Folklore covers a lot of different mediums so anything that is accurate and relative to Celtic folklore I intend to include in the project. My initial thoughts on where to find the data would be the National Folklore Collection or accessible images…as long as they don’t cost $400 to use.

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  1. This seems like a very interesting topic to learn about. Celtic Folklore is something I know nothing about so it’ll be interesting to see you kinda data you present.

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