Lab 3

So far I have started working on the one-sitting data diary out of my three.  I’m working on “my favorite painter!”.  This work was a little bit challenging at first glance.  When I saw what the outcome of my drawing was supposed to look like, its seemingly just a bunch of different colors and lines.  When I read through the directions, I realized that the dots, lines, sizes, strokes, etc. are indicative elements of the information being described.  As a visual learner, I enjoyed seeing the breakdown of what all of these different elements mean separately and how they correlate as a whole. There’s a lot of information that is being put into basically different colored/designed boxes (which is interesting!).

One thought on “Lab 3

  1. M. L. Brown, do you know what I’m thinking of? A jigsaw puzzle. Personally, do you like working them? Anyway I consider many of them to be visual fine art. Beautiful. Together. Imagine that!

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