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The three exercises that I chose to complete for the Data Diaries project are Exercise 2 (Birthdays), Exercise 15 (My Swearing), and Exercise 18 (Distractions). I have collected my data for all three exercises. After a brief review of each exercise, I found the Birthdays Exercise to be the easiest for collecting the data. I was surprised at how many birthdays I remembered and gathering information for those I forgot was simple. I was most surprised by the My Swearing exercise. I swear at lot more than I would have thought while watching college football (or any sporting events). I’m generally not one to swear on a regular basis. The Distractions exercise was challenging because I was distracted by having to record my distractions while completing a task. It will be interesting to see what distracts me the most after I analyze the data from that exercise.


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2 thoughts on “Data Journal Progress

  1. I think we all swear more than what we think while watching football, especially if your team played like Alabama this past Saturday lol. Its cool that you remembered so many birthdays, I do well to remember my parents and a couple friends

  2. I think I am also doing the “my swearing” as one of my three, this is really interesting that people don’t realize how much we swear, but what did you define as a swear word that you used to gauge the data. There’s no word bank in the book for what constitutes a swear word so it would be interesting to see the variation in people’s work based on linguistic differences.

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