Lab 1 Carter Sheldon

This exercise was by far my least favorite exercise I completed in the observe collect draw book. for the first couple of pallets, it was fine, but by the end of the exercise, it became a galactic pain in the butt. My hands were cramping up and trying to choose a new color without repeating the prior one was tedious.

I can see how this exercise will become important long term because you can see different colors next to one another. It served as a testing ground, however still tedious.

My favorite of the exercises was the variability exercise, It was fun trying to find ways to make the image increasingly complex, sequentially. As you see, when I was adding sides to the triangle I thought it would be interesting to add a thrid demension to the shape. Thus i added a square, then I went into 3D!

With the Star I was running out of ways to add points onto the star without it looking super tacky, so what if the star has to convey a point. thus he has been given a text bubble.

Taking what we see in the varriability excercise we can see how adding petals to flowers we can track the food stops from Prof. Weiringa’s roadtrip. When creating this I added a flower for each day on the trip, and a petal per stop for the day. Any stop at starbucks got marked in green. This was a fun way to see the effcts of color difrention.

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